3 Businesses that will be changed by the Wearable Tech

It often happens that some technological development comes in as somewhat of a joke or a gag product and that its real applications can’t be noticed right away. Soon the real ways a device could be used come to light and the product explodes on the market.

This is happening with wearable tech right now. At first it was just a watch that not a lot of people have used for and a couple of gym devices, but now it can go much broader than that and be used in a variety of industries.



The most important part of the security business is to keep track of everyone at a business or an establishment. Wearable devices are the way to accomplish this in the easiest manner and without having to buy or monitor hundreds of cameras.

These devices could be used to monitor the vital functions of those that wear them, which mean that they could be used in a hostage situation to help everyone decide when the right time to use force is.

Outdoor navigation


Outdoor navigation is already a field that has seen a lot of improvement in the last couple of years. Google has made Google Maps which have mapped out almost every part of the globe. The same thing is soon going to happen for the routes used by pedestrians. Just wearing the device and having the phone means that you can get around easily.

This is going to be especially useful for persons with disability. It will make their lives easier, more comfortable and safer. It also helps with accessibility and the governments might help with this and provide the funding for new devices.

Memory Aid


The simplest way to use the device is as a small monitor that you always have on your wrist. This is what makes it a good memory aid. It means that you can set a reminder to do a task and no one need to know that you are being reminded.

It also provides a great way to display short messages, which is very useful for those that have a lot of info to memorize on a daily bases. In retail and customer support this will come in very handy and save you a lot of energy and time.

Wearable device are full of potential for a lot of different businesses.


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