3 Marketing Strategies for Apps

Apps are the new channel businesses are looking to in order to connect to their customers. This is a good business idea, because most of the browsing of the internet is done via mobile devices and apps make it easier to browse and shop than any mobile browser would.

It’s also a way to get to know your customers better and to model your campaigns based on their interest and the way they interact with the app. It’s important to approach the app with a coherent strategy.

Key performance indicators


It’s difficult to know what makes the app successful. A lot of apps get downloaded but never get used and that’s not what you want. Interactions are what drives sales and makes you revenue. That’s why you need to focus on key performance indicators and follow how your app is doing in regard to these.

The indicators are mostly about how much downloads you got; how many purchases you got and how much are your users sharing the content that the app provides. The app can’t do everything and you need to choose on what indicators you plan to focus.



The apps are all about automation. You want to have as many processes automated as you can. That will make the app useable and useful for the customers. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to dedicate human resources to the app. It’s crucial that you do if you want the app to be functional.

This should be the part of your strategy. You need to know how many people it takes to run and maintain the app, including the content and the technical details. In fact, it’s better to get more people than you need because the app will grow.

Find your focus

The app can do a lot of things. It could be used to boost sales or it could be used to drive traffic for your site or even to your physical store. On the other hand, the app could be used to purchase your products directly to share the purchasing decision with the friends and followers on social media.

It can’t do all of this things at once. You need to find what the reason you’re making an app is and to make it around that reason and with that reason at hear. That will make it more useable and better.

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