3 Things to expect out of Mobile Tech in the Future

Mobile tech is becoming more science fiction like than ever. Now we see phones as small computer devices in our pocket that we use for private and professional purposes. It’s going to become more than that.

The technology changes will make the devices more useful and more user friendly. The changes can also go in various directions that we don’t mention here because there’s always a chance for someone to discover something no one has thought off.

Wireless charging


Wireless charging is something we are promised to have a long time ago. It would make the use of the phone much easier because you wouldn’t be tied in with the cables and chargers. Just having your phone on the table that’s connected to electricity should be able to charge it. However, we don’t have it yet.

At this point it could be done but that doesn’t mean it’s what we wanted. The charging is slow now and the future tech is probably going to have to work on the speed on the charging.

Flexible and wearable tech

At this point, mobile devices are very fragile. They aren’t that expensive, but they need to be treated gently. If you drop or spill something on your phone it will probably stop working right away. This is going to change and the phones will become more flexible as time goes by. It will start by making the phones easier to bend.

The next thing to change is the wear ability of the phones. If the phone can be bent that means that they could also be worn as a necklace or as a watch. When you open it up it becomes the whole device.

Augmented reality


The phones are becoming the devices used for creating augmented reality. This is not a new concept but it has become popular lately with the Pockemon Go Game. It showed that people could become interested in this if it’s done in a fun way.

The augmented reality could become a next teaching tool because it allows the users to experience reality and still learn from it in new ways. In the same time it could alter how we shop and experience public spaces. The change will be drastic.

New technologies are coming to mobile devices and businesses will embrace them first.

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