3 Tips for mobile device safety

At this point mobile devices are practically all you need to have instead of an office. They could be used to buy and sell things and organize an office and company communication. This means that you need to spend time and money on phone safety.

Phone safety should be organized depending on the way you use the device and what you keep on it. It also means that you need to consider how many people will use the device beside you.

Apps and root


Rooting the device is a very popular thing to do because it gives you access to additional options. There’s help online allowing you to do it yourself. This makes the device look better and gives you a few cheats, but it also makes it much more vulnerable to virus attacks.

You shouldn’t download or use the apps that come from the sources you can’t trust. You should also make sure to check out what data does the app access and what it saves. That way you know what you should download and what can be a treat.

Locks apps


Lock apps are an additional layer of security for your phone. They allow you to lock a part of your devices if it has sensitive data on it. This is mostly done for photos or client related data. Even if you’re the only one using the phone, you should try to use these apps in case someone steals your phone.

The apps provide a variety of ways to secure the data, but adding a password with more than 10 characters is the best way to go. The password should contain letters, numbers and capital letters.

Kid and guest mode


If you have a kid or guests that often use your phone, you should create a settings arrangement just for them. This means that with a single push you change the way your phone looks and what data you can access.

The most important thing to hide is the photos and work related data, but you can go beyond that for your kids. You should start restricting calls and access to certain sites, depending on the age of your kid and how they use the phone. For instance, you may want to ask for double check system for any purchase of the phone.


Keep your phone safe because there are threats out there.


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