3 Uses of Wearable Tech

At this point wearable tech is just an interesting novelty. It’s most bought by those that like gadgets and like to buy whatever is new and out there in terms of tech. However, it’s soon going to be much more than that because there are hundreds of potential uses for this tech.

It can affect business of all kinds in both good and bad ways. These tech will make jobs easier and more secure but it will also, make someone lose0 their job or see they hours cut down because the machines have taken over.

Health care


The health care business is one of the biggest industries but people don’t usually think about it as a business. It is and it needs innovations like any other business. Wearable devices could help with these in great many of ways. A lot of data that’s needed to get the treatment should be gathered on the spot and in the natural environment.

This could be done via wearable tech device. The devices could gather info about the blood pressure, hearth rate and anything else a doctor could use.

The diet industry


Diet industry is worth about 18 billion dollars in the US alone. It could benefit greatly from the tech developments with wearable devices. The device would be worn on the wrist and it would gather all the data about your nutrition that could help shape your diet.

It provides both real time reporting about your nutritional habits via cloud and the long term analysis that would help you get the right nutritional advice from your doctor. This will be enchased by an ordinary food consumption checking app that can be connected with the device.

Car insurance


Car insurance is a tricky business. You pay for it every month and you only get to use it if something goes wrong. Eve then it’s hard to prove that you have a valid claim and that you should get your money from the insurance company. Wearable devices come to the rescue.

By using the glasses that stream video directly to the cloud you can be assured that there are no more fraudulent claims and that you the person responsible for the accident won’t get away. This makes driving safer and saves a lot of money for the car insurance companies.

Wearable tech is coming and it’s going to change a lot of businesses.

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