3 Ways to Make a Marketing Strategy for your App

Apps are taking over the marketing world and they are doing it because they simple are a superior medium. They are easier to use and provide more functions for both the user and the company making the app.

However, you shouldn’t rush into building an app for your business. It should be a part of the larger strategy and you need to think through why you are making an app and what your business is trying to accomplish with it.

Broader mobile strategy


An app should be a part of a broader mobile strategy. This first and foremost means that you need to market the app itself before you can use it to market your business. The app needs to be on top of everyone’s search engine and on top of the app stores. This is mostly done by good content.

The content that your app provides should be SEO friendly and it should be easy to quote and share on social media. This is the only way to make the app stand out in the endless stream of others.

The experience


You need to market the experience of using the app. That means that it’s important how the app feels for the users. It should be easy and organic in its interface meaning that you should be able to use without adjusting to it. No one wants to spend time learning how to use the app.

It should also be quick and responsive. Long waiting time is what drives the users away the fastest. The only thing that’s more important than this is safety. It should come with safety options regarding the private data.

Keep changing things up


The strategy needs to deal with the fact that apps need to change pretty fast. There are a lot of competitors out there and the apps needs to keep up and change in both deign and functionality. Sometimes you need to do it just to keep the user interested without changing anything about how the app works.

Keep these changes in the budget and you’ll be ready for them. It’s also important to let the users know that a change is coming up because not everyone takes that too well.


The app is a valuable addition to your marketing strategy you just need to prepare for it and to find it a true purpose.

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