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What does The Gates Foundation do?

Bill Gates is one of the world’s leading philanthropists. He and his wife run a Foundation dedicated to helping organizations and individuals that work with underprivileged countries and regions all over the world.  Their work was especially helpful in Africa and in the Middle East. The foundation has emerged from […]

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How mobile tech is changing communication within a business

Communication is what makes companies work. It’s only as good as your team and your team needs to be able to communicate in an efficient and easy manner. Organizing this may cost more than you’ve imagined and you need to embrace the tech that makes it easier. The mobile devices […]

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How Mobile tech is Changing Business

Mobile devices have had a great impact on how we do business and they are making it better and more comfortable than ever before. The companies need to find the way to use this to their advantage and save money and time by implementing these devices in their work routine. […]

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