How to make your mobile device safer

Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. They are used for business purposes and as a means of personal communication by almost everyone on the planet. At this point there are much more devices than there are people.

This has raised concerns about the safety of mobile devices. The users need to try to find the ways to make their experience safe but to continue to use the devices in full capacity.

Here’s how it can be done:

Update the device


A lot of users forget to do this or think it isn’t really necessary to regularly update their devices. Some feel like the version they have is adequate and that the updates are just there to make you download new thing. This isn’t true. The update always comes with additional security improvements.

Try to update the device when it asks to, but if you can’t have a schedule for doing so at least once a month. That way it won’t take too long and it will keep your device safe. Make sure to keep the data on a cloud just in case something gets deleted.

The locks screen


It’s now become an interesting choice deciding on how you plan to lock your device. The decision depends on a lot of things – first of all you need to know who will use your device and how easy it should be for them to unlock it. Make sure you have some sort of lock in all cases.

If you want to use a finger print lock, make sure that you realize that your privacy isn’t completely secure anymore, but if you have important data on the phone you should go for it.



Antivirus software should be taken seriously. The one that comes with your phone should be updated on regular bases and you need to get additional security if you have sensitive data on your phone. There’s also a need to keep the data on the cloud as well if you also use the phone for browsing or streaming.

One of the things to have in mind is that common sense also works most of the time. Don’t use the phone to access unauthorized sites or to download data from an unknown source. That way you’re sure you won’t get a virus to begin with.


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