The future of mobile tech

Mobile tech is already such a big part of our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without phone there. In the same time these phones are more than just phones, they are also computers and credit cards at the tip of our hands.

However, they could change even further and become even more developed in just a few years. The tech is changing and the devices are getting a variety of new options that will make the experience richer.

Here are a few

The changes in the touch screens


Touch screens themselves are about to change due to something called electro vibration technology. This means that what you touch on the phone will determine how it feels when you touch it. This may not sound like much, but it’s revolutionary and it’s going to help with certain business a great deal.

For instance, shopping for clothes can now become a completely digital experience. This means that you can touch the screen and feel the fabric. This will increase sale and create new brands of completely online stores.

Speech to speech translation


Translation technology has improved significantly. It covers all languages and it’s got better at understanding context, but there are more places to go that are still now available. For instance, there’s always a delay between the text and the translation. What people really want is speech to speech translation that gets the nuances of language. This will make the translation happen in real time.

Since it works for almost all language this will make it an universal translator. The device is going to be able to detect the language of both speakers and make the translation almost instant.

The brain computer interface


This may seem like a science fiction concept. It is however, a real possibility that scientist are working on. It’s now used to help persons with disability and especially those that have lost limbs, but it can be used for any kind of interaction between the brain and the mobile device. This means that the interface becomes useless.

In fact, soon you’ll be able to control your phones and tablets with your brain alone and that’s going to change everything including what we consider to be safe or private.


Mobile tech has already changed so much and it’s going to become even more prevalent than ever. Brace yourself it’s coming.

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