What does The Gates Foundation do?

Bill Gates is one of the world’s leading philanthropists. He and his wife run a Foundation dedicated to helping organizations and individuals that work with underprivileged countries and regions all over the world.  Their work was especially helpful in Africa and in the Middle East.

The foundation has emerged from Gates business influence and experience. It’s run similarly to a business with help instead of profit in mind. This helps find the organizations that do the most work and are the most effective.


The sustainable development

One of the biggest causes of the Foundation is to provide tools for sustainable development of the region. This is done through grants to organization that provide long lasting solution to the infrastructure problems of those countries. Bridges, roads, and government bureaucracy is needed the most to help out build Africa.

The Foundation also helps farmers and small businesses in Africa get a good start and be able to maintain their businesses on their own without the help of governments and charitable organizations. This in turn makes the citizens empowered and more free.



Health problems are very severe in Africa and it’s mostly due to lack of awareness about clean water and importance of hygiene. Gates Foundation has made some very important steps to deal with this.  The first thing to do is to provide education for medical workers that are needed to help with these diseases. Most of the illnesses are already curable; it’s just the question of providing the cure and the assistance.

Vaccines and preventive care for infants are also one of the biggest concerns for the Foundation and that’s where they have done the best work, by providing both the vaccines and the knowledge of their importance.


The education

Gates Foundation also helps create good education programs at home in US. These programs are most needed in the urban centers where a lot of underprivileged youth can’t get access to good schools. The Foundation creates programs that help these kids get good education and find a job afterword.

This is where the background in tech really helps because the Foundation uses the technology to make the education more personal and more interactive. It also provides jobs in these areas as well which is especially important for inner city kids who need to get out of their communities and find better more lucrative life paths.

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